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Nancy Paris, Tour Guide 

Nancy had been happily showing friends and family around New York City for years
before following her sister’s advice to actually “go pro.” She enjoys the personal
interaction of a walking tour, and especially loves sharing the stories behind the story
on her tours. Nancy is also a professional dancer and choreographer, and will pirouette 
down Broadway for you if you ask nicely.

Betty Kaplan
Tour Guide 
After an early life of Communism Betty moved on to Zionism and then became an ardent supporter of Capitalism here in NYC. Besides her love for living in different countries, dancing, sci-fi and languages Betty also beats on drums and is generally loud. 
From the depths of Bed-Sty, Betty moved to Chinatown and is now excited to show her New York to you, bring your attention to the curiosities of each neighborhood, discuss history, architecture, local hangouts, trends and even gossip. All while getting into nuts and bolts of what it's like to be a New Yorker. 

See more at BettyNYC.com professional actor and a freelance translator.


Who We Are New York City - Manhattan Walking Tour NYC

Garry Zafrani, Founder

I’m a New Yorker – born and raised.
My Dad owned a small film & photo store in Times Square in the ‘60s. I began helping New York City visitors make the most of their visit at age 9.

During my teenage years, growing up in Brooklyn, my first jobs were on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where I learned about ethnic food, and that love of diverse cooking styles and tastes continues today.

As an adult, I have worked in the hotel industry for 15 years helping tourists plan their sightseeing tours, and now I accompany them on these tours and share the joy of discovering the many sights, tastes and complex history that this city has to offer.

Sarah Amandes, Tour Guide

Sarah's passion is telling the stories of New York. She's always seeking out new facts and tucked-away secrets in this, the greatest city in the world. As a professional actor, she brings to life the dramatic history that is only found in NYC's unique neighborhoods. You can find her exploring New York on any given day with a big smile on her face.

Alex Drywa
, Tour Guide

Being a third generation New Yorker, you would think Alex knows everything he needs to know about this city.  WRONG!  After traveling and living abroad in Europe and Australia for 4 years, he came back on a mission to learn about everything he always took for granted.  Every week he checks something new off his list of things he never did growing up in New York City, constantly learning new facts to share along the way.  He had so much fun teaching visiting friends around New York, that he decided to become a licensed guide to share his knowledge with to a broader audience.  Within minutes you will feel like you have known Alex forever, that's how comfortable he makes people who take tours with him.  He loves craft beer and dancing, so whether you need a good beer bar or nightclub, this is the guy to ask.
Amanda AlegriaTour Guide 

Stroll through the city of fast paces with a native New Yorker and friend.

Amanda is an art history aficionado, especially when it's in her hometown of NYC. She'll help you see beyond a building's façade and get the scoop of who, how and when they were built. Add in a neighborhood's cuisine, parks and immigrant history, you have the perfect afternoon with the perfect guide. So let her paint a picture of this city for you that you will long remember. 

íY hablo español!

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