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Manhattan Walking Tour New York City Walking Tours

Welcome to NYC!

It really is like having a friend show you around NYC
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Manhattan Walking Tour

First and foremost, at Manhattan Walking Tour, we are New Yorkers and we love New York City. Our walking tours of NYC are like having a friend in New York showing you around their neighborhood. You call, we listen, then suggest the perfect walking tour in New York City for you in the most interesting neighborhoods: Greenwich Village, Chinatown, Times Square, Central Park and many more, sampling the best foods New York City has to offer. A Manhattan Walking Tour is nothing like a bus tour; it’s a personal experience where New York history is part of the tour, but the behind-the-scenes stories are part of us.

You’ll get the “inside scoop” on life in the Big Apple (New York) from a genuine New Yorker! All you need
to do is call Manhattan Walking Tour and tell us a little bit about your interests in NYC. What do you want to experience on your walking tour of New York City? Together, we can design a custom tour of New York you’re sure to enjoy, or you can select from one of our scheduled tours of New York.

Our scheduled and custom New York walking tours are in-depth, personal experiences. There is a New York story in
every building, history on every street, and in every restaurant, great delights to be had. To experience New York, you really need to taste it, feel it and imagine life here both now and in the past. You’ll take a step back into New York City history and with the help of your knowledgeable, New York City Department of Consumer Affairs licensed tour guide, learn what it was like then and what it is like now to be a New Yorker.

There is no other walking tour of New York City like this one and it all starts when you call 914-564-0461 or email 
 info@manhattanwalkingtour.com - and we will get back to you promptly.

Manhattan Walking Tour has the most exciting food tours of New York City. New York is the ultimate city for foodies. Our food tours of New York City's ethnic neighborhoods are delicious, fun and full of New York flavor. For a culinary experience, there is nothing better than a New York food tour. And there is no better New York food tour than Manhattan Walking Tour. To find out when and where those free New York walking tours are, please go to our facebook page, or send a message to info@manhattanwalkingtour.com, and we'll let you know when the next free New York walking tour is available.

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 Manhattan Walking Tour

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